Print mailers not dead just yet says Colourtone Aries

In a digital world, can it be safe to say that marketing initiatives and direct mail campaigns are moving predominantly online? Printing and packaging powerhouse, Colourtone Aries, points out that, while the digital age is well and truly entrenched in the global market and gaining significant momentum in South Africa, it is dangerous to assume that traditional print direct mail or marketing campaigns are no longer effective. The fact remains, general consumer mindsets have not changed significantly, yet, to influence the decision to migrate solely to online brand interactions.

Colourtone Aries’ managing director, John Bywater, explains, “South Africa’s demographics reflect an enormously diverse market. On the one end of the scale marketers have an audience that are techno-competent and rely heavily on the web. On the other end we have a highly complex audience that is still receiving significant attention from competing brands using what will perhaps, in the future, become “old-school” marketing methodologies. This target audience continues to be more reliant, at least for the foreseeable future, on traditional brand engagement. Marketers are faced with challenges daily to address communication across all demographic profiles to ensure maximum reach using a combination of print and online initiatives.”

Marketers also need to consider that consumer minds process printed material differently to digital. Printed marketing material continues to elicit passionate responses from consumers. With considerable investment in brand building and a strategic focus on connecting with consumers through all media, the spotlight will remain on traditional printed marketing material for most marketers, while not ignoring the steep upward trend of online and digital marketing.

“If you are seeking active engagement with your customer,” adds John, “the positive impression gained from exclusively designed and elegantly printed marketing and communication material, is invaluable. Considering the South African market, brands that need to reach across all demographics will stand a better chance of eliciting a response, from a positive experience, by using predominantly printed marketing campaigns backed by corresponding online and other digital communication.”

Marketers are constantly on the hunt for the ideal platform to engage their customers. Printed marketing and direct or interactive mail campaigns remain a preferred and powerful means of communication. With the total migration of marketing and communication onto the web still a distance away, marketers will continue to focus on print campaigns in their strategies for generations to come.