Printing & Finishing

“If I had a rand for everytime a client said, you have the neatest, cleanest and most organised factory, then I would be a wealthy man” – John Bywater, Managing Director.

At Colourtone Aries we pride ourselves on cleanliness because a clean and well-organised factory will produce a clean and high quality print job.

We are at the forefront of technology and our factory is the heartbeat of our operation. With various printing presses ranging from A3 2-colour machines to A1 6-colour machines including a Heidelberg XL105 5-colour (the 2nd of its kind in Africa) and a KBA Large format 5-colour press capable of a sheet size of 1640 x 1120mm, we can produce highly intricate, small as well as large run print jobs.

By applying surface finishes and special coatings, we provide print, packaging and displays, not only with special visual effects, but also special functional qualities including fragrant, non-slip and water resistant applications.

Complementing our presses, we have various finishing equipment, and at Colourtone Aries, we strive for complete in-house self-sufficiency. We can fold, stitch, PUR bind, laminate, die-cut, glue, foil, emboss, acetate window, plastic laminate. We provide a full bindery service who focus, first and foremost, on quality control as well as execution of handwork, packing, stringing, punching and padding.

We not only test ideas and concepts; we turn them into reality, giving you complete peace of mind with the knowledge that your brand is in expert hands. No matter what your product, no matter what the range of print, packaging or display items you require, we’ll look for intelligent, logical and practical solutions that enhance and promote the value of your brand.